Vital Issue Sessions

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Saturday, November 22, 11:15AM-12:10PM

Legacy Voices of Civil Rights Heroes

Karen Korematsu, Anthony Chávez, Kenneth B. Morris

How do descendants of human and civil rights heroes continue the work of their famous ancestors? Hear from the daughter of Fred Korematsu, the grandson of Cesar Chávez, and the descendant of both Frederick Douglass and Booker T. Washington. They will share personal anecdotes about their famous relatives and talk about how their work reflects the legacies of these great Americans. They will also tell you how you can get involved in their initiatives.

Closing the Opportunity Gap in Civic Education

Friday, November 21, 2:05-3:00PM

A panel of educational administrators and members of the American Board of Trial Advocates will share how collaborations between educators and lawyers are improving the teaching of civics to student in two communities with large concentrations of minority students.

Joseph Kahne, Mills College, Oakland, CA; James Parsons, ABOTA Youth Education Committee, Palestine, TX; Denise Juneau, Montana Office of Public Instruction, Bozeman, MT; Sherrilyn Scott, Miami-Dade Public Schools, Miami, FL; Michael Callahan, Callahan Martinez LLC, St. Petersburg, FL; Peter Baumberger, Kubicki Draper, Miami, FL

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Teaching the C3 Framework: A Guide to Inquiry-Based Instruction in the Social Studies

Friday, November 21, 10:05-11:00AM

The upcoming NCSS Bulletin, Teaching the C3 Framework, with chapters from 15 curriculum partners, is the first comprehensive instructional guide to using C3 in the classroom. This panel will provide an overview of the instructional methods suggested in the Bulletin and descriptions of how their institutions are supporting inquiry in the classroom and the C3 Framework.

Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; John Lee, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; Rebecca Mueller, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY; Stephen Day, North Carolina Council on Economic Education, Raleigh, NC; Michael Simpson, NCSS, Silver Spring, MD

Civic Learning Success Stories: State Initiatives to Restore the Civic Mission of Schools

Saturday, November 22, 2:30-3:25PM

Learn about state-led initiatives in Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, and California that are working to institutionalize high quality civic learning for all students in their states. Explore the challenges and successes to inform work in your state or local district.

L. Douglas Dobson, The Lou Frey Institute of Politics & Government, Orlando, FL; Shawn Healy, Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Chicago, IL; Michelle Herczog, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA; Janis Kyser, Tennessee Center for Civic Learning and Engagement, Cleveland, TN; Ted McConnell, The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools, Silver Spring, MD

Second Acts for the Greater Good: Is There an Encore in Your Future?

Saturday, November 22, 9:05-10:00AM

Educators, like millions of others, are worried about flunking retirement, or deciding they aren't interested in even trying. As you think about "what's next," there are paths to finding new purpose and new ways to make a difference in the decades after midlife. This interactive session introduces the Encore idea of a second act for the greater good. While most immediate for those reaching the second half of their own adulthood, this is important as well for leaders interested in an experienced workforce for program success. Encore is inspiring individuals, creating a new pool of experienced talent for the work our communities need most, and becoming a social change movement that is redrawing the map of life.

Phyllis Segal, Barbara Vacarr,

C3 Trending: A Look inside the C3 Framework Ground Game

Friday, November 21, 3:10-4:05PM

This session offers snapshots of C3 Framework implementation in three areas of educational practice, state and district efforts, professional development, and teacher leadership. Panelist will share their experiences developing state standards, curriculum, online PD materials, instructional resources, as well as their practices in the classroom.

Facilitated by John Lee, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC and Kathy Swan, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Participants: Jennifer Fraker, Kentucky Department of Education, Frankfort, KY; Katie Nease, Rockwood School District, St. Louis, MO; Naomi Coquillon, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC; Kimberly Heckart, Prairie Ridge Elementary, Cedar Rapids, IA; Stephen Lazar, Harvest Collegiate High School, New York, NY; Donna Phillips, James H. Blake High School, Silver Spring, MD

The C3 Framework Task Force: Prestigious Partners, Collaborators, and Leaders of Social Studies

Saturday, November 22, 10:10-11:05AM

Meet members of the civics, economics, geography, and history professional organizations that formed the Task Force of the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards. Learn about the powerful role they played in developing the C3 Framework and their ongoing work to support implementation across the nation.

Facilitated by Michelle Herczog, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Downey, CA and Susan Griffin, NCSS, Silver Spring, MD. Panelists: Elaine Carey, St. John's University, Queens, NY; Christopher Caltibiano, Council for Economic Education, New York, NY; Marshall Croddy, Constitutional Rights Foundation, Los Angeles, CA; Brenda Barr, National Geographic Society, Washington, DC

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